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Pictures for a new age destruction …

Drawings — is a 40 page compendium of scanned drafts from my sketchbooks and reproductions of various works. It was a deeply personal project delves into my own loaded history. It is an introspective look into my creative past that started in 2006. There are available to purchase if you follow the path of signs. All copies are individually stamped, numbered and signed.
Very Far From The Truth — is an ongoing project of ink drawings based on a loose collection of vintage photocopy scraps from a long ago time. I have drawn lots of them, a couple become monochrome screenprints. After some wasted decades, it begins to emerge from a sort of nothing into a possible something. Theres a definitive book of them coming, if i can get it together …
Splitting Sky — is the name of this picture. It is the evidence of a dream, or something like that. An eerie vision, an half forgotten memory, an arcane subject. Anyways … I’ve drawn this with HB pencil on a small piece of paper. It passed through a five-year cycle of creation. A small offset prints edition still exists somewhere.